Rock Creek

Total Miles


1856.39 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Rock Creek trail is a 16-mile route that starts just south of Lowman, ID, winds its way up 2,200'+ in elevation, and then dumps the rider onto Highway 21 near Beaver Creek Summit. The route offers excellent views of the surrounding Boise Nat'l Forest, a few small creeks, a couple of great camping spots, and wildlife viewing opportunities. The trail surface is rocky dirt, has minimal erosion in most areas, has no major ledges or drops to be encountered, and is passable by most vehicles (including stock SUVs) in the warmer months. The trail is very narrow for most of the 16 miles, with few pull-outs to allow other vehicles to pass, so exercise extreme caution and be vigilant of oncoming traffic, which seems minimal most of the time. Adverse weather conditions and the trail's narrow path will impact the safety of this trail as very large drop-offs are present most of the way.


Difficulty along this route will occur in situations when meeting oncoming traffic and/or during inclement weather. The trail is very narrow in many areas with large drop-offs along the edge. Therefore, if the surface is compromised by mud or snow, it's advised that you do not attempt.

Technical Rating