Red Warrior - Warfield Connector

Total Miles


2,512.60 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a shortcut with a rocky challenge. Most of this short trail meanders through a forest on wide open hillsides and ridge lines with expansive views of the mountain range, but there is one major rock obstacle that makes this shortcut more challenging. There is a long rocky ledge feature with stair steps and some loose dirt on the surface. There is an easier line to choose from that avoids most of the stair steps, but still has some rock and loose dirt. This feature makes it an intermediate/advanced trail. You will be going up the rock feature if riding east to west, and down it if riding west to east. This rock feature is unique for the area as many of the surrounding trails are smooth, fast, and flowy without any major obstacles. This connector goes between the Red Warrior and the Warfield - South Fork trails, which are two of the harder and longer dirt bike trails in the area.

Photos of Red Warrior - Warfield Connector

Red Warrior - Warfield Connector
Red Warrior - Warfield Connector
Red Warrior - Warfield Connector


One rock ledge feature makes this trail a more challenging intermediate trail, but there is an alternate line that can avoid the obstacle.

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Access Description

The Greenhorn trails are an extensive trail system south of Ketchum Idaho that gets a high amount of use from various recreational users including mountain bikers and horses and hiking in addition to dirt biking. There's a decent-sized parking lot at the staging area for Greenhorn Trails, that can accommodate trailers, but doesn't allow camping, and gets full even on weekdays. The trails can also be accessed off of Warm Springs Road to the north and Deer Creek Road to the south, which both have places to camp. It's an extensive system with trails of varying difficulty from easy to advanced. This area can get really hot in the summer and doesn't have much shade. This area is very well signed and maintained, but most of the area doesn't have cell service, so download your maps ahead of time.

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