Whiskey Creek Canyon Overlook

Total Miles


1374.65 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

A bumpy trail through some BLM cattle pastures. Muddy and slick when wet or after a storm. You will pass through a few closed barbed wire cattle gates; please be sure to close them after you pass through. The middle section of the trail runs through old sagebrush fields. It gets a little tall in the middle of the trail, but it shows signs of travel; you will also encounter some small rocky sections. Airing down would be recommended for comfort and tire protection. The trail runs along the canyon and out the edge overlooking the Salmon Falls River. There are beautiful views, and it would be a lovely spot to camp with 2 bars of LTE service. There may be no winter maintenance.


Rocky and mostly hardpack. Could be impassable when wet or snowy

Technical Rating