Matt's Gulch

Total Miles


1497.34 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Matt's Gulch is a fun desert single track in the South Hills Trail System south of Twin Falls, Idaho. It is similar to many of the trails in the system as it is an easy trail, but narrow and sometimes rocky. Matt's Gulch climbs up from the intersection with Upper and Lower Dry Gulch, through sagebrush desert terrain to get up on top of a ridge. It continues along the ridge by some rock outcroppings. The trail has some rockier parts with embedded rock in the dirt, with tight switchbacks, but all of these features are easy to moderate difficulty. At the top, it goes through a burn area where the sagebrush shows signs of a prior burn. It gains about 200 feet from the bottom of the gulch to the top of the ridgeline. In the end, it connects with Indian Spring Road. This is a good way to bail out of the Upper and Lower Dry Gulch trails back to Indian Spring Road.


This is an easy desert single track with a bit of rock, and with tight curves.

Technical Rating