Fish Creek Reservoir Access

Total Miles


1,620.86 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

This is a beautiful valley and a hidden gem. The trail leads down to the water's edge at the fish creek reservoir. The area is generally privately owned, but access has been granted through ranchland and the water company to sportsmen and campers to enjoy this beautiful little reservoir. Sign states to remain on all roads and close all gates behind you. This is an open range with active cattle. This specific trail has no gates, but others in the area do. The main trail in is graded, wide, and well-maintained for the ranchers. At the very end, you'll turn left onto a narrower section, and it is a bit bumpy here. Still, a nice trail that any SUV can easily navigate. Down at the reservoir at the end of the trail is a turnaround point with a pit toilet. There are also a couple of dispersed camping spots with rock fire rings. In the end, you'll find driving access down to the water. The reservoir water levels fluctuate throughout the year. It was quite full in the spring when this trail was run. At other times of the year, the water levels will be much lower. This is a great area for birdwatching, dispersed, camping, and fishing. Please look up all fishing rules before coming out to this area if that is your intention. Caution, this area can get quite slick with mud when wet. Please take precautions if it has rained.


The last bit of this trail out to the water has some potholes and gets very muddy when it's wet.

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