Maple Hollow

Total Miles


1,783.17 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This short ATV trail starts as a steep road-width trail off of Old Highway 191 near Malad, Idaho. The entrance is unmarked and across from a small dirt pull-off on the side of the paved road that can be used as a staging area. The trail is very dusty with some washed-out sections and ruts, but still easy. It quickly gains elevation and enters a landscape full of beautiful rolling green meadows and hills that in spring and early summer are full of wildflowers and views of the surrounding mountains. It's very scenic and fun for a cruiser ride or accessing the trails further east in the Caribou National Forest. The trail is two track width the rest of the way, mostly smooth surface with some small loose rocks in the trail and sometimes football-sized rocks. It meanders through meadows and some cattle grounds. Go past the cattle trough, then there is a left turn at the first intersection and a right turn at the second intersection up a steep climb with some loose rock, but it's still very easy. Both intersections are unmarked, so you'll need to use a GPS map if wanting to follow this exact route, otherwise, you can just explore the several other roads and ATV trails in the area. The trail goes through two gates that you need to open and leave as found. It also goes through a row of large boulders that have been placed in one of the cow pastures, but there is a spot that is ATV width to cross through the row of boulders. It ends at the intersection with Deep Creek/White Canyon, which is very similar.


This is an easy ATV trail with some loose dirt and rock but no major obstacles.

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