Lost Lake

Total Miles


1,639.12 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

The trail to Lost Lake takes you deep into the mountains to the south of Osburn, Idaho, on a gorgeous 1600ft climb with many breathtaking views of the Silver Valley. The trail starts directly out of the Big Creek I-90 Exit, with a small parking lot available. The initial climb is pavement for about 1/4 mile then turns to rocky/dirt surface big enough for a full-size truck. About halfway up the climb, the trail narrows to the width of a full-size truck and turns more to the technical side with ruts, washouts, and other various obstacles. At the top is a pretty cool camping spot at the Y to Polaris Peak. Not too far up the main trail from the camping area, you will come upon the turn to drop into Lost Lake. It is tucked in a turn-off on the East side of the trail. This trail is tight, steep, and narrow that rides the hillside down to the lake littered with ledges, roots, and technical turns (I do not suggest taking anything wider than 72"). At the bottom, you'll find a spot to pull off at the lake with a few hiking trails to take you around it if you please.

Photos of Lost Lake

Lost Lake
Lost Lake
Lost Lake


Rocky trail with ruts and washouts. Steep, narrow sections with technical obstacles on mountain edges/hillside

Technical Rating


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Access Description

Take Big Creek I-90 Exit 54

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