Birch Creek Free Area

Total Miles


1834.93 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

If you are looking to camp in this valley, this is the Mecca. This beautiful trail runs along Birch Creek with tons of dispersed campsites. It is an established area, but it is free. There is a recommended donation box. Many large group sites in the area and numerous small camp spots are tucked in right on the water. Some just have firings others have picnic tables and metal fire pits. There is a size campsite for everyone. Expect to see trailers and large campers here because it is beautiful and easy to get to. The mountain views are stunning, and just about every spot to camp has access to the river. In the springtime, it is lush and green, and there are wildflowers. It will be a bit more dry and brown in the summer. But still, a beautiful place to stop for an afternoon or several nights. This area is also an excellent trail to base camp from to explore the valley. There are many other trails, some even just across Birch Creek, with access to this trail.


The trail is wide, with pullouts to pass vehicles. The trail has many larger potholes from larger campers and trailers. It can be muddy after a good rain.

Technical Rating