Happy Fork

Total Miles


1,131.35 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Great summer trail with an easy forest service road that you can do in 2WD. A little creek runs next to the trail and lots of pine trees. If you go in the winter be prepared with recovery gear. The more we climbed the harder it got. We ended up having to winch quite a bit.

Photos of Happy Fork

Happy Fork
Happy Fork
Happy Fork


In this summer this is a super easy forest service that you can do in 2wd. Very nice pine trees and scenic mountains all in the area. There is a little creek that runs next to the trail. But in the winter this trail is a whole neither ball game. Could be easy or your going to be winching a lot of the trail. We did it in December. The first half no problem. Then the more we climb the harder it got. We had to winch a lot. So make sure to bring a buddy and enjoy some recovery time.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Kaley Groskreutz
Aug 09, 2023
2021 GMC Sierra

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