Bliss High Country Scenic Track

Total Miles


1,340.08 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Explore the high desert north of Bliss! From the unmaintained dirt roads to Bray Lake to all the canyons, draws, and gullies, there is no shortage of terrain changes and obstacles. Expect dirt roads, deep ruts, lots of loose rock, washouts, moderate depth creek crossings, dust, and spots of mud. Other areas to explore nearby are the Davis Mountain loop, Mormon Reservoir to the northeast, and Little City of Rocks to the east. Many roads and trails to explore! Take a whole day and explore the area!A few points to remember: There are many gates in this area. Please leave the gates AS FOUND. Beware of cattle; this area is grazed from spring to fall; please pay attention to livestock crossing the road. In late winter/early spring, the roads can be extremely muddy. Please refrain from using these roads if they are muddy; they are unmaintained and will become even worse if traveled while muddy.

Photos of Bliss High Country Scenic Track

Bliss High Country Scenic Track
Bliss High Country Scenic Track
Bliss High Country Scenic Track


Deep ruts, loose rocks, washed out road surfaces, steep climbs, some moderate depth water crossings depending on time of year.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Hank Devries
Mar 18, 2023
2021 Ford Bronco

Access Description

You can access the area by either unloading in the town of Bliss and driving up Hill City Road. Hill City Road is paved for several miles, so you can travel to the Bray Lake road turn off and unload, or you can go to the end of the paved portion, unload and continue.

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