Deep Creek to Ruben Hollow 7440

Total Miles


1,919.10 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a 50" designated trail in the Caribou National Forest between Malad City and Preston, Idaho. Although designated for ATVs, the trail has narrowed over time as it's probably mostly ridden by dirt bikes, and would now be a challenge for ATVs, especially in a narrow ravine in the beginning. On the west side, the trail starts at a green gate across from a small pull off on the paved Highway 36 (Deep Creek Road). After the gate, it starts in a narrow rocky ravine with wash outs, that would likely be too narrow for an ATV, as half of the trail is rutted out. It climbs out of the ravine onto an overgrown two track full of yellow wildflowers. After it goes past two cow troughs, most of the rest of the trail is more like a single track. It traverses up the side of a hill and crosses through several more meadows full of stunning wildflowers (in spring and summer) with a beautiful mountain backdrop. The trail drops into several dark wooded hollows that are overgrown with deciduous trees with small scraggly branches that you sometimes have to go under or over. The hollows might be overgrown, but they were all passable. This trail is really unique, going through a variety of landscapes, and is really fun to ride for a dirt biker. At the east end of the trail, it ends at the Third Creek Dirt Road, which you can take to connect to Ruben Hollow.

Photos of Deep Creek to Ruben Hollow 7440

Deep Creek to Ruben Hollow 7440
Deep Creek to Ruben Hollow 7440
Deep Creek to Ruben Hollow 7440


This is an easier trail for dirt bikers with some loose rock, ravines and overgrown wooded hollows, but would be more difficult for an ATV because the trail has narrowed over time with not much ATV use. The ravine at the west entrance would be the hardest part for an ATV as it is rutted out. This trail is rated a 3 for dirt bikers and a 4 for ATVs.

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Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

This trail system in the Caribou National Forest is full of several single track and 50" trails with amazing views and are full of wildflowers in spring and summer. The area will likely be hot and dusty in late summer. The west side of the trail system can be accessed from Highway 36 (Deep Creek Road) at the Third Creek Motorized Trailhead. The east side of the system can be accessed from a staging area off of Five Mile Road outside the town of Dayton.

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