Beaverland Pass to Hang Glider Launch

Total Miles


2,461.18 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This 4-mile track takes you to over 8000 feet on King Mountain in the Challis National Forest. The views are spectacular. This trail includes rocky steep inclines and declines. If hang gliders are using the launch, avoid going to the top, but enjoy watching them from somewhere along King Canyon Road, King Border Road, or the valley below.


This trail includes rocky steep inclines and declines. You climb almost 2000 feet in elevation in this four miles.


The Challis National Forest is an Idaho State Park, and the section of the Forest in this area covers 135K acres. In total, the Salmon-Challis National Forest covers 4.3 million acres.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Peter Olson
Aug 02, 2023

Access Description

From Arco: From South Front Street (Highway 20) in Arco, take Highway Drive to where the Arco Pass to Hurst Canyon track begins. You can stage in Arco, or you can stage at the beginning of the Arco Pass to Hurst Canyon track. Follow Arco Pass to Hurst Canyon to the Beaverland Pass Road to Natural Arch Trail. Follow that trail to this track. From Moore: Go north from Highway 93 on 3150 North or 3175 North to King Mountain Road and turn left. Follow King Mountain Road to King Border Road and turn left on King Canyon Road on this track.

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