Beason Meadows ATV

Total Miles


1,627.56 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Beason Meadows is a short ATV trail in the Giant White Pine trail system that takes you to the top of Bald Mountain at 5,321 feet elevation. The top of Bald Mountain has a fire lookout tower, a picnic table, and a pit toilet. It's fun to climb the steps of the lookout tower, but the top of the tower is actually locked off for forest service use. The ATV trail is relatively easy. It's two-track width, on good dirt with good traction, under tall beautiful pine trees in a very healthy forest. The trail has some small ruts, rocks, and roots, but nothing too difficult. Dirt bikers will likely take this trail from the summit to connect to the Beason Meadows singletrack, but ATVers can connect to the Strychnine Ridge and Palouse OHV - Greenhorn ATV trails. It's a gradual decline from the top of the mountain with one big switchback to get to the intersection with the Beason Meadows singletrack and Strychnine Ridge.

Photos of Beason Meadows ATV

Beason Meadows ATV
Beason Meadows ATV
Beason Meadows ATV


Easy ATV trail with small rocks and roots and one big switchback.

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Access Description

The Giant White Pine trail system is made up of 10 or so easy-to-intermediate single tracks in the Clearwater National Forest near Emida, Idaho. The trailhead is at the paid Giant White Pine Campground, but there are only a few parking spaces here for small vehicles. Another good area to stage is at the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Area on the north end of this trail system. This is a larger pull-off on Highway 6 that can accommodate more vehicles and bigger rigs. This area can have frequent trail closures due to logging activity in the area, so it's best to check with the Forest Service website ahead of time for closures along White Pine Drive.

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