Total Miles


1208.93 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

#409 is a short and steep hill climb trail in the Danskin Trail System southeast of Boise, Idaho. Many of the trails in this trail system flow along a ridge line atop the rolling green mountainsides of this mountain range, and most have very steep hill climbs and descents. This one is similar to many of the other ridge line trails in the area and is on the easier side. It is a bit rutted, with a few tighter turns, and a sweeping zig-zag up a hillside. Departing from the #410 single track, it gains almost 500 feet in .6 of a mile. The bottom of the trail is in the trees a little bit, but it's mostly wide open views as it climbs up and to the top of the trail. There are not many trees on these hillsides for shade, so it would be very hot and dusty in the summer. This one is easier since it is more gradual with few rocks and fewer ruts.


This is an easy ridge line trail with ruts.

Technical Rating