Oconee Southern Traverse - 1068 (Segment 2)

Total Miles


171.32 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This portion of the Oconee forest has well maintained service roads throughout with minimal-to-no obstacles to encounter. Wildlife such as deer and turkey are often seen so situational awareness should be maintained while driving to ensure safe travel. While the majority of the route is gravel/dirt, there are portions that are paved.

Photos of Oconee Southern Traverse - 1068 (Segment 2)

Oconee Southern Traverse - 1068 (Segment 2)
Oconee Southern Traverse - 1068 (Segment 2)
Oconee Southern Traverse - 1068 (Segment 2)


Minimal to no obstacles should be encountered and the route is passable by most vehicles of any make or model. Although the weather could create muddy conditions, tentative driving will ensure a traveler does not encounter any road hazards.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Chad Stark
Jan 14, 2024
2022 Ford Bronco
Nice day out. No dust. Everything was damp and wet. Only one section was muddy. Not difficult but muddy in this one area. Nice campsites randomly dispersed. I scouted and marked 7 campsites along this route. All mostly flat. Some dry. Some muddy. The majority of wet conditions were on the off shoot roads that dead end into campsites.

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