Osceola National Forest - Swamp Thing

Total Miles


41.02 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

"Swamp Thing" is a route in the central part of the Osceola National Forest. It starts out as hard-packed dirt and limestone that almost any vehicle should be able to handle without issue. The trail winds through the forest, gradually becoming wetter and muddier, before eventually entering Big Gum Swamp. At this point, the mud holes and water pits become frequent and depending on rainfall, very deep. Eventually, the trail will become a long stretch of nearly constant water pits, before gradually transitioning back to dirt, with only occasional mud and water. Drivers should exercise common sense and caution if driving solo, and stick to the outside of the larger pits. Cell service is spotty the further you travel into the forest.


Water pits can be deceptively deep in the center. Lower clearance and solo vehicles should stick to the outside of the water pits.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Swamp Thing is accessible from US Highway 441, near Lake City, FL.