Total Miles


43.88 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Greenfield is a well-maintained forest road in Osceola National Forest with many pockets of private residences along the road until passing West Tower Hunt Camp. West Tower Hunt camp is a popular location for setting out on more technical OHV trails within the area and can hold a lot of standing water after some heavy rains. Once passing West Tower Hunt Camp and continuing on Greenfield the road narrows to one and a half lanes and continues eastward through Osceola National Forest until reaching County Road 233. The road consists of mostly sand and a mixture of gravel. It can become very difficult to navigate after or during heavy rains causing the road to turn soft with some sections washing out.


During heavy rainstorms the road can become quite soft and loose. 4wd is highly recommended in this situation. When dry and freshly graded it's a nice easy sand road to drive on and can be done in 2wd no problem.

Technical Rating