Total Miles


2,191.20 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Tabeguache 2.0 is a short, easy Jeep trail a short distance west of Montrose. It starts near the Dry Creek Rock Crawling Trails, and crosses Dry Creek, Piney Creek, and Cushman Creek before climbing up to the South Divide - Transfer Roads. The two obstacles that used to make this trail more difficult have now been removed.Leave the road that accesses the Dry Creek Rock Crawling Trails and drive along a scenic shelf road above Dry Creek Basin, then drop down into Dry Creek Basin.Cross Dry Creek Basin then climb to the slightly higher ground covered with juniper-pinyon on your way to Piney Creek. Unfortunately, this trail has now been graded and both obstacles removed. You will wind through a heavy stand of pinion-juniper until you reach the Cushman Mesa Road. Head downhill and enjoy the views of the Uncompaghre River Valley.

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Fairly easy trail with some narrow rocky sections

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Gavin F
Apr 20, 2024
wouldn't say it's a 3/10 maybe it used to be! coming from dry creek trail head you head down a shelf road into the canyon bottom, take a right and fallow another shelf road up line selection is critical on the shelfs roads going up if in a stock clearance truck or something with a longer wheel base to not get hung up, some rock ledges where a longer wheel base can get you in trouble if you chose the wrong line. minimal turn around or pull overs if you meet someone on one of the 3 self road section. as you fallow the trail in turns into that nice 3/10 mesa until it drops down, nothing crazy, some steep sections all over, then you cross Dry creek. when I went through it came up over the hood... then it's time for the 3rd and final shelf road up, this one almost looked like an atv trail in some sections some big rocks at the side of trail make you swing as wide as you can hoping you don't put the rock into your truck bed! I hit my undercarriage carriage like 5 times with 10" of clearance, your committed in spots

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