South Quartz

Total Miles


3,681.82 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

South Quartz Trail is a very challenging trail if ridden in the uphill direction (west to east) that is a 7 difficulty, and is even harder if it's muddy out. It's much easier if ridden downhill (east to west starting at the intersection with Canyon Creek Trail). From top to bottom, you drop down a series of shelfy switchbacks with rock problems that are exposed and risky. Watch out for clipping your pegs on an outcropped rock. There are tons of boulders on the trail. The trail switchbacks and leaves the big rocks, but continues down a braided rutted, and rooted series of straight-down sections (or up if going the other direction). If wet, it's very challenging to find traction against the slippery roots. You have to go around a few downed trees as well. After dropping 1,400 feet, the trail flattens out and follows the valley down and ends at a river crossing that's pretty easy and leads you to a rocky Jeep road.


This is a challenging trail with steep sections, roots, and big boulders.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

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