Sand Gulch to The Banks

Total Miles


2249.87 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

From the Sand Gulch Trailhead, the road starts out easy for the first mile then turns rocky with larger rocks and ruts. In winter time it is best to travel from Sand Gulch Trailhead to the banks which is the north end. There are steep hills on the northern slopes that you can make it down in the snow but would be hard trying to go up. Cell phone coverage most of the way. Lots of dispersed camping along the way.


The trail is rocky with some larger obstacles. If you like to rock crawl over medium size rocks this is a good place. Watch for places to pull over as the trail has some stretches where it is too narrow to pass oncoming vehicles.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Both ends of the trail are close together off the county road. Sand Gulch has a campground at the beginning, but no staging area. The Banks area which is the second entry to the area has a staging area for trailers and there is also another large parking lot about 2 miles further up the road where the 4x4 road starts. In this area, there is a large campground also.