Poughkeepsie Gulch

Total Miles


3820.79 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Poughkeepsie Gulch is about the only challenging Jeep trail in the San Juans. There is one major obstacle called "The Wall" that causes the 7-rating. When most people talk about this trail they focus on "The Wall". That is important, but the scenery in the gulch is also worthy of mention - especially Lake Como. Until 2015 there was no bypass for the wall. You had to climb it or go back. This caused quite a few accidents so a bypass was built and you can now enjoy Poughkeepsie Gulch without the major challenge. The trail in is rated at a strong 5. There is at least one tricky ledge and quite a stretch of road with many boulders. The bypass, and the road beyond, is easier. This is a secluded trail with some amazing obstacles to play on. Try your luck on the main obstacle which is a very steep rock with an occasional audience. You can winch if you need to, or bypass it if you can't make it up and over. The trail isn't plowed, so it opens later than most.


Off-camber trail with deep holes and large rocks that may exceed axle height. Expect erosion, loose rocks, sand, washes, shelves, and deep mud holes. Obstacles and ledges up to 5 feet, and near-vertical grades 8-10 feet tall. Potential for water crossings with strong currents. Caution: Vehicle damage and roll-overs are possible.

Technical Rating