Poughkeepsie Gulch

For the daredevils, this route provides the best of challenges.

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Trail Overview

This is a secluded trail with some amazing obstacles to play on. Try your luck on the main obstacle which is a very steep rock with an occasional audience. You can winch if you need to, or bypass it if you can't make it up and over. Trail isn't plowed, so it opens later than most.


Difficult. Uphill direction described here. Easier going downhill. Can be muddy at the bottom during wet periods. One long, steep climb of loose rock is challenging without lockers. Winch points available at obstacle. ATVs should use alternate route to avoid obstacle.

Access Description

From Beaumont Hotel in Ouray, head south 3.8 miles on Highway 550 and turn left at sign for Alpine Loop and Engineer Pass (County Road 18). Follow Mineral Creek, Trail #9, located on page 38, uphill 2.4 miles and turn right at sign for Poughkeepsie Gulch. To drive trail downhill, access via Trails #11 or #13.

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