Narrow Gauge Ditch Part 1

Total Miles


1,795.15 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail, part of the Flat Top Peach Valley Recreation Area, starts right by the Elephant Skin staging area in a wide grassy arroyo with dirt walls. The trail and tracks have been washed away with rain, and parts of the dirt walls of the arroyo have eroded. The trail narrows up into a very tight arroyo with several foot-high dirt walls, and the trail is at the bottom of the arroyo, like in a crack. At times the arroyo is so tight that it is difficult to actually ride the bike through it. There are spots of erosion where holes have formed in the bottom of the trail, and you have to avoid dropping a tire in it. The trail is overgrown with small bushes too that grab your whole body. There are also lumps of soil that have fallen into the crack you have to rally through. Don't be surprised if at several points you have to stand above the crack with both feet on the walls of the arroyo, having to walk the bike through the tight spots. This is neat at first, but then gets a bit nasty and tough. Halfway through this trail there is a bailout when No Name Trail crosses it. When it comes to crossing an ATV trail, you can choose to do another section of Narrow Gauge, or bail out onto Lower Ponds Trail. After getting through those tight sections, you might not want to ride any more of it. The second section of Narrow Gauge also starts in a tight arroyo, if you are looking for more of this type of trail. This is a popular riding area, but it doesn't look like this trail gets as much use. You're likely to see other riders or people walking their dogs in the arroyo in the beginning of the trail by the staging area.

Photos of Narrow Gauge Ditch Part 1

Narrow Gauge Ditch Part 1
Narrow Gauge Ditch Part 1
Narrow Gauge Ditch Part 1


This is a difficult trail because of how narrow it is. No rocky obstacles, just tight between two walls of dirt, and overgrown with lots of erosion.

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Access Description

The Flat Top Peach Valley Recreation Area is a 9,700 acre trail system made up of adobe hills and rocky desert mesas with almost 100 miles of trail, and a couple open riding areas. The main staging areas are Flat Top, Peach Valley, and Elephant Skin Road, but all trails can be accessed from all staging areas. This is a highly trafficked area, especially on weekends, and has lots of blind corners around the adobe hills. It's best to visit in spring and fall to avoid the summer heat and winter snow. There is several days worth of riding here, and it's easy to make a loop of your desired length since all the trails are relatively short and connect easily.

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