Mystery Ditch

Total Miles


1,889.51 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Mystery Ditch is a fun twisty ditch trail with very tight curves and banked corners. The trail rides through the bottom of a dirt arroyo with dirt walls several feet high. The trail is overall easy with no obstacles and barely any rocks. You can get going fast in the ditch if you can keep up with the curves, and you feel like you are in Star Wars with the banked corners and sections of wall riding. You have to ride the wall of the ditch in sections where the dirt has eroded away at the bottom of the arroyo. Exit the ditch after less than a mile, and climb up the nearest mesa on a narrow single track with a wide sweeping switch back to where the trail ends. That last section of the trail has some loose rock but is easy, and the trail is easy to follow. The trail ends at an intersection with Moonlight Mesa. This is a fun easy trail and can be ridden within a bigger day loop with some of the surrounding trails that are more difficult.

Photos of Mystery Ditch

Mystery Ditch
Mystery Ditch
Mystery Ditch


Fun easy trail with no obstacles.

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Access Description

The Flat Top Peach Valley Recreation Area is a 9,700 acre trail system made up of adobe hills and rocky desert mesas with almost 100 miles of trail, and a couple open riding areas. The main staging areas are Flat Top, Peach Valley, and Elephant Skin Road, but all trails can be accessed from all staging areas. This is a highly trafficked area, especially on weekends, and has lots of blind corners around the adobe hills. It's best to visit in spring and fall to avoid the summer heat and winter snow. There is several days worth of riding here, and it's easy to make a loop of your desired length since all the trails are relatively short and connect easily.

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