Lake George to 11 Mile

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2,806.50 ft


1 Hours

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This is a decently well-maintained dirt road from Lake George to the backside of 11 Mile Reservoir. The road can have bad washboards or be muddy in places depending on the season. It's generally fine to drive in a stock SUV. There are several National Forest Campgrounds on several side roads if you want to make it a weekend trip, as well as the State Park at the reservoir. You can continue around the reservoir to get back to Highway 24 if you don't want to take the 15-mile drive back to Lake George. After turning off Highway 24 in Lake George, follow the signs for 11 Mile Reservoir, staying on the main road.

Photos of Lake George to 11 Mile

Lake George to 11 Mile
Lake George to 11 Mile
Lake George to 11 Mile


This dirt road is maintained in the spring and summer, weather permitting. The road can have heavy washboards and be muddy in places. There are several big climbs that can be slick in the winter with snow when the road isn't maintained.


Lake George is where the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs would get their ice for the Resort for the year. 11 Mile Reservoir is one of 3 large reservoirs in the area that supply water to the front range.

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Turn south off Highway 24 at the Lake George country store.

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