Hahn's Peak

Total Miles


3,299.91 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Hahn's Peak Trail is a challenging yet rewarding single track that takes you 1,100 feet up to the top of Hahn's Peak where there is a fire lookout tower and 360-degree views of the whole mountain range and Steamboat Lake. The first part of the trail has some intermediate challenges such as embedded big boulders and roots on a narrow dirt trail as it starts to zig-zag up a mountainside in a pine tree forest. There are switchbacks, side-hilling, and big sweeping turns before you get up to the saddle and you start to get killer views as you pop out of the trees. Many riders will end their ride at the saddle because the last section of the trail is all scree on a steep slope, but it will take you to the summit with the lookout tower. The scree is made of very small loose rocks and it's very hard to find traction. You will likely see hikers on this trail making their way to the summit.

Photos of Hahn's Peak

Hahn's Peak
Hahn's Peak


The first part of the trail to get to the saddle of Hahn's Peak is a 6 difficulty with rocks and switchbacks. The last segment of the trail (less than a quarter mile) to get to the summit of Hahn's Peak is all scree, and is very technical and difficult to get through, making it an 8 difficulty. Most might choose to end at the saddle and/or hike to the top of the summit.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Access the Hahn's Peak Trail System by taking Routt County Road 129 north of Hahn's Peak Village towards Columbine to access the National Forest. The dirt bike trails here are very spread out, so you will have to take several forest service roads and ATV trails to connect many of the trails, but you can stage in different zones with plenty of camping based on which trails you want to ride. Some of the popular staging/camping areas are Little Red Park off of Red Park Road (FS 409), or off of Whiskey Park Road (FS 550). There are several days worth of trails here and it's a very popular spot for dirt bikers and family camping in the summer. Most of the trails don't open until mid-June or July, and there can typically still be snow drifts and uncut logs in early summer. This area has a lot of beetle kill, so downed trees are common. There is no cell service except for on top of some of the peaks.

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