Eight Mile Mesa Rd-USFS Rd #651

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2,462.18 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Eight Mile Mesa Road (#651) will take you to the top of Eight Mile Mesa South of Pagosa Springs, Colorado with a network of trails leading to different points of the mesa. After turning off of Hwy 84, the road goes about a mile through a housing area with the USFS road starting at the Forest Service gate. On the way up the mesa, about a mile and a half from the gate, there will be an overlook with views of the San Juan Forest and mountains. The first section of this road from the highway to the fork for Eight Mile Mesa A (#651A) is a lightly graded and maintained road although there are some narrow spots and uphill climbs. After the fork, it becomes a more primitive rut road with some areas rocky or sandy with dips so a higher clearance vehicle is recommended, however, 2WD is all that's necessary unless rainy and muddy. On top of the mesa the road winds through woods of pine and oak trees with grassy meadows. In late spring/early summer there are often plentiful wildflowers. The road continues with forks to the left for Eight Mile Mesa B & C until you reach the end where the road forks for Eight Mile Mesa D & E. Each of the 5 road sections offer views and disturbed primitive campsites. All in all, a nice network of roads with different spots to relax, enjoy the view, have lunch and a few places to primitive camp all off of this main road. Cellular service is spotty depending upon the location on the mesa.

Photos of Eight Mile Mesa Rd-USFS Rd #651

Eight Mile Mesa Rd-USFS Rd #651
Eight Mile Mesa Rd-USFS Rd #651
Eight Mile Mesa Rd-USFS Rd #651


The first part of the road is lightly graded. After the fork to 651A if becomes slightly rougher with some dips, sandy sections and small rocks. There are a few spots where only one vehicle wide.

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Jayce Saldivar
Jul 10, 2023

Access Description

Eight Mile Mesa road is about 5 miles south of Pagosa Springs on Hwy 84. There will be a USFS sign on the right pointing the way. Turn right and follow the road leading up the mesa.

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