Culver Creek – Cty Rd 14A

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Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Culver Creek, Cty Rd 14A, branches off of Dexter Creek, Cty Rd 14. The first part of the road is graded gravel to a parking area where you can park and hike. From there, the road changes to a rut road with some rocks and stream crossings. It leads to a beautiful meadow, referred to as Thistle Park, with some primitive camping spots. Most of the road is narrow, with few pull offs. Be aware that there is a horse stable that uses the road for horseback rides. You will need to keep an eye out for, and accommodate them.


The road is narrow, with few pull offs to allow for passing vehicles or horses. Some are shelf areas with drop offs. There are a few stream crossings. The horseback riding groups can be a hazard to watch out for. You may meet them coming towards you, or have to wait and pace with them preceding you on the trail.

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