Cloud City

Total Miles


2242.19 ft


0.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

Cloud City is a short trail in the North Fruita Desert that can be ridden as part of a bigger day loop with Cicada, Sky Walker, and Sarlacc. It meanders through low grass in a burn area for about 3 miles. The trail is smooth dirt with very few rocks and no significant obstacles. It is an easy and fun, fast and flowy trail. The trail has 3 road crossings and is well-marked with trail signs. There are excellent views of the surrounding red cliffs and the Fruita valley below. This area gets very hot in the summer and can have snow in the fall, so come prepared for extremes in either season.


This trail is overall easy and the difficulty level throughout the trail is consistent. No significant obstacles.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The BLM staging area for the North Fruita Desert trail system is accessed off of 18 Road north of Fruita.