BLM Route 196

Total Miles


1,561.85 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

BLM Route 196 is a fast single track in the North Fruita Desert trail system north of Fruita, Colorado. The east end of the trail starts at the back of a public utility plant on a Jeep road right at the corner of the fence, that is easy to miss. The single track departs from the Jeep road right away at another trail marker. There is a ditch crossing right away that is probably dry most of the year, but in April in a year with high snow pack, there was about a foot of fast moving runoff water in the ditch. The water looks like it's deep and fast, but was actually a very smooth and easy crossing and no big deal. There's probably only a couple weeks a year this ditch has water, and in most years with not as much snowpack, this ditch would probably be empty. The trail follows an old pipeline road, but grass has grown over the road so it's still a narrow single track. It departs from the pipeline road at an unmarked left turn, and follows along on top of a ditch before going up a small hill. The rest of the trail is a narrow and smooth single track in a green grassy meadow. It's mostly flat, with a couple deep ravine crossings, but with no obstacles. There is one small climb at the end to meet up with the dirt road. In spring time the grass is really green and you will likely hit some mud puddles. This is a great place to ride for a day trip from Grand Junction, or a weekend out camping in the desert, that is best in the spring and fall. It's a popular riding area where you will likely see other groups camping and riding.

Photos of BLM Route 196

BLM Route 196
BLM Route 196
BLM Route 196


Consistently easy single track trail with no obstacles.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The North Fruita Desert has several short and easy single track trails in the lower rolling hills, as well as harder trails on the rocky mesas that are open seasonally. There are several staging areas for this trail system, all with easy BLM camping nearby. The main staging areas are off of 21 Road and 18 2/10 Road on BLM land.

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