Total Miles


2,342.30 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

8503C is a fast and fun trail to rip in the Bocco Mountain trail system, made up of slaloming switchbacks with banked corners. The trail has wide sweeping switchbacks the whole way through a sagebrush meadow with pine trees lining the trail. It connects the BLM Route 8502 dirt road to single-track trail 8503. It's fun to ride like downhill slalom skiing and get some speed. The switchbacks are very gradual, and not steep, unlike many of the trails in this trail system with very steep curves. It doesn't gain much elevation between the two endpoints, so it stays gradual throughout the trail. It does have a few blind corners around the pine trees and a couple of tighter sections with tree branches sticking out. There are some straighter sections between the switchbacks, and the switchbacks get tighter as you get closer to the road. This is probably the easiest trail in the trail system, good for practice for beginners because it is gradual and with barely any rocks, but is still fun for the advanced rider. Combine this trail with the northern half of 8503 for an easy loop for beginners, or take it as a connector trail to start a loop on 8503 and connect to many of the other trails in the area. This trail has no brake bumps, which is a nice relief after riding many of the trails in the area with tons of brake bumps.

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This is an easier trail made up of gradual switchbacks that slalom in a sage brush meadow, fun and easy for any rider, with no significant obstacles.

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Access Description

The Bocco Mountain Recreation Area has 18 miles of single track trail accessed off of Horse Mountain Road (also called Milk Creek Road) on the west side of Highway 131 north of the Wolcott exit from I-70. The trails are all similar difficulty with moderate challenges including steep hill climbs with small roots and rocks, and can all be ridden as a loop in a half day or day's ride. The trails are seasonally open 4/16 - 11/30. This is a great place to ride in late spring when the desert is too hot and there is still snow in the high alpine, or mid fall before it gets too cold.

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