8503A & B

Total Miles


2,331.87 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Single track trails 8503A & B make a loop starting and ending on the dirt road BLM Route 8502. Going counter clockwise, the trail comes down from the road on a trail that is washed out with deep troughed out switchbacks to intersect with trail 8503. Stay left for 8503A and drop into and out of a deep ravine and climb up into a sage brush meadow. Double back at the fence post and climb the hill into a tight twisty tree section. The trail terrain is a mix of dirt and clay hills with pinyon pine trees and small rocks and roots. The trail has lots of ups and downs like a race car track. It weaves in and out of the trees, up and around the hills with sharp curves. There are a couple bigger hill climbs with loose rock. Some of the hill climbs have round baseball-sized rocks in the trail and small boulders lining the trail. There are a couple spots of mild exposure when the trail traverses above a ravine and has drop offs on the side of the trail. This trail has the added difficulty of lots of brake bumps on the climbs. Overall it's a very fun trail that goes through a mix of terrains with scenic views.


This is a moderately easy trail with mild challenges such as very steep inclines, loose rocks and roots, but no significant rock ledges or obstacles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The Bocco Mountain Recreation Area has 18 miles of single track trail accessed off of Horse Mountain Road (also called Milk Creek Road) on the west side of Highway 131 north of the Wolcott exit from I-70. The trails are all similar difficulty with moderate challenges including steep hill climbs with small roots and rocks, and can all be ridden as a loop in a half day or day's ride. The trails are seasonally open 4/16 - 11/30. This is a great place to ride in late spring when the desert is too hot and there is still snow in the high alpine, or mid fall before it gets too cold.

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