Wall Street Canyon Overlook

Total Miles


986.00 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

A rugged, fun drive through the heart of the Calico Mountains. Visit massive Bismarck Mine, then continue into narrow Wall Street Canyon. Trip ends at 100-ft.-high ledge above the lower end of the canyon. Great area for green-sticker vehicles with many miles of legal side roads to explore. Lots of dispersed camping along with nearby fee campgrounds.

Photos of Wall Street Canyon Overlook

Wall Street Canyon Overlook
Wall Street Canyon Overlook
Wall Street Canyon Overlook


Difficult: Most of this route is easy to moderate, but the last half mile is extremely difficult with large boulders and narrow passages. Most people will have to walk the last portion. Mule Canyon Road, in places, is extremely slippery when wet. Flash floods possible in narrow canyons.


This area was one of the richest mining districts in California with over 500 mines. Bismarck Mine was one of the largest. The exposed catacombs at the mine are the result of modern- day strip mining over top of the original mine. To go to work, miners hiked up Wall Street Canyon from Calico and climbed 100-ft. ladders at the overlook.

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Access Description

Exit I-15 at Calico Road near Yermo and head north about a mile to well-marked Mule Canyon Road on right. Drive in short distance to kiosk.

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