Upper Lytle Creek Divide

Total Miles


1849.59 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

The trail consists mainly of dirt, rocks, and some roots. It is wide enough for one vehicle, but there are turnouts for passing throughout the trail. Stock height 2WD SUV and truck type vehicles are capable of completing this trail. There are some soft and loose dirt areas, but they are not an issue for 2WD vehicles. There are also plenty of scenic views with safe places to stop on turnouts that do not block traffic. These turnouts have space for multiple vehicles, so it also will not affect others from pulling off if needed. Cell phone service is reliable in most areas of the trail, but downloading an offline map is highly recommended as cell phone service is not reliable in areas leading up to the trail. There are no gas stations within miles of the trail so fueling up prior to the trip is recommended.


2WD vehicles are capable of completing the trail but there is potential of sections becoming harder if rain or snow occur prior to travel. There is also a cliff on one side of the trail for the majority of the trail so caution is advised.

Technical Rating