The Reward Mine

Total Miles


1279.13 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

A moderate trail that starts off on a broken road just off the 395 Freeway on Manzanar Reward Road. You will climb up and over the hillside where you will be welcomed with an experience you will never forget as you venture deep into the largest Gold Mine. The most amazing part is that you can drive down into the mine. The trail to the Reward Mine is very rocky therefore 4wd and high clearance will be required to get to the entrance. Once inside the mine, the trail is easy soft dirt.


Steady uphill climb on rutted sections with large rocks up to 12" tall. Mine is tight in the entrance but opens up nicely as you descend. The top of the mine does go ups bit but stays fairly low with the lowest point being just about 79" so it is important to not enter if you have a roof rack. Take off your antennas as well for if they reach over 79" they will make contact with the mine ceiling

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the 395, head East on Manzanar Reward Road until the broken pavement ends right at the base of the hill with the trail officially begins. There is a side trail to the right where you can drive up and check out old mining buildings