Pole Line Kelso Depot to Aiken Mine Road

Total Miles


1,413.58 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

A little-used 18.5 mile route bisecting the East Mojave Desert along a line of old telephone poles put in place to support military training camps during WWII. The route is flat and a relatively straight line, but can be very rugged and slow going as ground conditions are subject to winter flooding. This route is remote and will warrant a slightly higher technical rating as a result. The Mojave explorer along this route will enjoy peace and quiet along with solitude to enjoy wide-open desert vista landscapes. This route cuts between two more heavily populated areas - the Kelso Depot (Mojave National Parks Visitor Center - currently closed likely through 2022) and Aiken Mine Road just above the Aiken Mine and Lava Tube. There is also an old corral at the northern end of the route.

Photos of Pole Line Kelso Depot to Aiken Mine Road

Pole Line Kelso Depot to Aiken Mine Road
Pole Line Kelso Depot to Aiken Mine Road
Pole Line Kelso Depot to Aiken Mine Road


As mentioned, the route is not a technical challenge, but it is subject to drastically changing conditions based on seasonal flooding and run-off. It is predominantly cross-grained and therefore slow going. Even though it is between two more heavily trafficked areas, this route is very little known and less used - therefore traveling this route you should be prepared for no assistance to be coming by. If you have an issue on this route - it is a relatively short walk to more populated areas if that becomes a necessity.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Turn Right out of the Kelso Depot parking lot and proceed up the road 1.05 miles to the trail head that goes off to the left.

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