ST 3221 Moto

Total Miles


1,782.36 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

This route is an enjoyable intermediate single-track trail. It begins with sandy gravel and progresses into large whoops and deep washouts. There are several lengthy steep hill climbs and plunging descents with loose rocks and granite gravel. Some of the hill climbs are twisty and feature mid-climb turns. Be looking for ruts here and there; after a good rain, they can get quite deep. There are also some deeper whoops at the end of the Whoop sections. The views are superb along the way, and one will see several majestic lumpy rock formations. Springtime wildflowers abound, the mountain tops may be snowcapped, and; if one is lucky, the small creeks will provide a little splish splash along the way. The trail has plenty of challenges and makes for a fun run. One bar of Verizon LTE fades in and out.


Long steep hill climbs await with some off-camber transitions. There are some deep ruts here and there and some larger whoops sections. Its a great intermediate to advanced beginner Single track trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Cooper Dort
Dec 29, 2023
Dirt Bike

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