Jack North

Total Miles


1061.46 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

Jack North starts at the bottom of the drainage with optional routes. As you get higher up the canyon the mandatory obstacles get harder. Jack North is a bit easier than its cousins to the south Jackhammer and Sledgehammer, however, this trail is still fun and some of the options can keep even the more well-built buggies busy. As you come up you will see Bender Alley/Tinbenders off to your left or if you continue on Jack North to the top you can hang a right to the top of Jackhammer (A great stop for a view). If you choose to continue straight through at the top you will end up at the mailbox at the top of Sledgehammer. Remember most trails in the Johnson Valley area have big rocks that get moved frequently changing how easy or hard a trail can be from one day to the next.


There are a few bigger rocks and tight sections. The trail is just a bit easier than Jackhammer.

Technical Rating