Pleasant Canyon

Total Miles


1,953.79 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

Photos of Pleasant Canyon

Pleasant Canyon
Pleasant Canyon
Pleasant Canyon


Moderate: High shelf road has several steep, narrow sections. Okay for stock vehicles, but high clearance, 4WD and low-range gears are necessary. Optional route has extremely tight and scratchy brush.


In 1897, over 200 men worked the Ratcliff Mine and lived at Clair Camp (later named). The mine shut down in 1905 after producing a half million dollars in gold. In 1930, W.D. Clair bought the mine and was able to extract another $60,000. Source: Secret Places in the Mojave Desert, Vol. II, by Jim Mattern.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Sarah Kowalski
Feb 18, 2024
Deep Snow
Original trail through the lower canyon along the stream appears to have been washed out and is now overgrown. There is an alternative trail cut that follows a ridge and then drops you back onto the trail. Well maintained! Trail open to World beater mine cabin. Cabin in great condition. Went beyond into National Forest and into the snow. Some tracks but they stopped quickly. Plowed on and made it to the next cabin (can’t remember the name) but it’s never in good condition. Stopped for lunch and to play in the snow. Probably about 12”-18” at that point. Continue on and made it maybe a mile plowing in 2’-3’ deep snow before calling it quits and turned around. This next storm coming in will probably cover most of our tracks.
Leon Liang
Nov 04, 2023

Access Description

From Trona: Take Hwy. 178 north about 22 miles and turn right on Ballarat Road. Head east 3.6 miles to the ghost town of Ballarat. From intersection of Highway 190 and Panamint Valley Road: Drive 14 miles south on Panamint Valley Road. Turn right on Trona Wildhorse Road and drive another 9.5 miles. Turn left on Ballarat Road and head east 3.6 miles to the ghost town of Ballarat.

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