Northern Black Mountain Road

Total Miles


652.42 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This section of the black mountain road is a pretty easy way to get to the top and enjoy nearly 360deg views of the surrounding desert, the mountains, the Indian Pass wilderness, and the Imperial Sand Dunes. The trail begins as a rough washboard dirt road through the desert valley. It is wide enough for two vehicles to pass in this lower section. The desert floor transitions to stunning black volcanic rock at the mountain's base. When the trail begins heading uphill, it becomes washed away on the sides. Sections of old broken asphalt dot the trail all the way up to the radio towers at the top of Black Mountain. Deep potholes take careful traversing in these sections of old blacktop. The trail erosion is severe enough to test out your bump stops. There are some excellent choices for camping up in the hills with pullouts that would host 2-4 smaller rigs. At the top of the mountain, enjoy outstanding cell service right from the source, regardless of your Carrier. At the radio towers, this trail meets up with a very difficult trail that heads down the other side of the mountain. That trial is immediately off-camber with significant ruts and washouts recommended for advanced drivers and very built rigs.


This trail narrows to one car width heading up or down the steep hills. The trail surface has begun to erode away with storms pushing the drivable trail surface close to some steep hillside dropoffs in a few places. This trail was once paved in areas and the asphalt has deteriorated away with little to no upkeep causing for large ruts, potholes and areas of erosion.

Technical Rating