Trumbull Peak

Total Miles


1,669.20 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a beautiful drive between the Groveland and Yosemite areas leading up to the (45-foot-tall) Trumbull Peak fire tower built in 1934-35. On your way to the tower, you will get some pretty breathtaking views of Half Dome and the surrounding mountain ranges as well as the Merced River Canyon. The trail starts as easy forest roads but does get a little rutted and rocky as well as narrow on the last stretch to the tower. The trail is closed from December 15 to April 15 due to seasonal road closures.


The trail starts out easy (no 4x4 needed) but does get a little more technical in the last mile or two to the tower. There are some bigger rocks and ruts to maneuver through and some narrow bushes on the way to the tower, so pinstripes are inevitable.


This is a special interest area, so stay on the trail. You are also not supposed to camp in the parking area of the tower. There is more information about the tower on the USFS website.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Adrian .
Jan 04, 2024
Dirt Bike
Temporarily Closed
Seasonal Closure

Access Description

From Groveland drive east on Highway 120 to the Hardin Flat intersection and turn right. Dive down to the intersection at Berkeley Camp and turn left at the stop sign. Continue down that road until the right turn onto 1S12. Stay on 1S12 for a majority of the drive until turning onto 2S20. Follow the route on onX Offroad. There is a parking lot area for only a few vehicles at the end and you do have to walk a footpath to get to the tower.

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