Lower Blythe Olgilby

Total Miles


342.91 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

The trail is a combo of wide-graded sections and soft sandy washes. Some sand sections are deeper and longer than others, so airing down is always a good idea. The lower section of the trail cruises quickly along next to Highway 78 from the Milpitas Wash Trail connecting to the southbound trails that head toward Glamis and the surrounding mountains. If open, waive at the Border Patrol officers and slow down for dust as you pass their security checkpoint next to the highway. There is a ton of cool stuff to see along the way, including an old abandoned homestead ranch with a dilapidated structure, a windmill, and footing walls. There is even a killer spot to camp right next to the old building with a huge fire ring. Several BLM cadastral survey markers can be spotted just off the side of the trail. The area has lots of wildlife, including Lizards, birds, and snakes. This area is also home to protected desert tortoises. Don't touch them if you come across one; admire them from afar. They always have the right of way. Three bars of 5G Verizon on the southern end of the trail fade to none in the northern section.


This trail has some long sandy washes.

Technical Rating