Inspiration Wash

Total Miles


342.39 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall



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Trail Overview

Inspiration Wash is a trail in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park that follows a canyon through the Borrego Badlands. The trail possesses otherworldly geography and is great for scenic driving. Throughout the trail, you'll encounter several technical challenges including steep and deeply rutted hills, shelves, and off-camber sections all paired with the narrow and twisting canyon walls. High clearance and 4WD will be essential. The wash is shaped during the desert's wet season and may change year to year. Always come prepared and be aware of your surroundings. Despite the nearby dunes, vehicles accessing the trail must be highway legal. Several areas may only be accessed by foot. Respect all posted signage.



Technical Rating


Access Description

The trailhead can be accessed from the Borrego Salton Sea Way. It is only about a quarter-mile from the turnoff for Fonts Point. A sign indicating the wash is ahead will be just off the side of the road. As the nearby dunes often reshape the trail, leaving can be made difficult. Avoid driving on any land that indicates it is private with signage, follow previously made tracks, and head for Old Springs Road which will take you out past the dump.