Forestdale Road

Total Miles


2710.66 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Forestdale Road in Alpine county starts at Highway 88 and the Red Lake turn-off. This is a one-vehicle wide dirt road that begins easy. There is a designated primitive campground area at about 8,000 feet. From there the dirt road turns into a rutted-out dirt trail. The trail ascends from an elevation of 7,742 ft. at Red Lake to a maximum elevation of 8,877 ft. There are seasonal shallow and narrow water crossings on this trail. Snow can be found as early as September. The trail is closed in winter. The vistas are incredible. In July and August, you can reward yourself by swimming at Blue Lakes at the end of the trail. This double-track trail is suited for off-highway and 4WD high clearance vehicles. Not recommended for 2WD or 4WD cars.


This is a single vehicle width, double track trail. The trail is unmaintained after rain or snow. One mile of this trail is complicated by many 6" to 18" steps and ledges. 12" deep erosion ruts are common and some are 18" deep. A few stones and obstacles over 6" can be navigated around. Some shallow and short seasonal water crossings can be encountered. Eighty percent (80%) of the trail is easy (technical rating 1-3).

Technical Rating


Access Description

This trailhead is accessed from Highway 88, in Alpine County, approximately 21 miles south of South Lake Tahoe Airport. This is a fun trail in dry weather. This trail is closed during winter due to the snowpack. USFS locks the gate located at Highway 88. Some cell service was available on the T-Mobile network at the top of the mountain. Food, gas, and lodging are available in South Lake Tahoe, California. Food and lodging are also available in Hope Valley, CA.