Fargo Canyon

Total Miles


655.74 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Conquer Fargo Canyon near Coachella, California (yes, the Coachella/Stagecoach music festival on the West Coast.) A challenging and exciting adventure awaits you on Fargo Canyon, located just north of I-10 east of Indio, California. Find the trailhead at the end of paved Fargo Canyon Road. Here's your chance to air down, disconnect sway bars, open tops, and secure loose items for the adventure ahead. (Air pressure in the teens works well, but each driver knows what's what.) Your journey begins with a 1.75-mile fire trail leading to a wash and drop-in point. Clearance Check is the first obstacle and might seem deceiving, but it's a good opportunity to assess your vehicle's capabilities. Learning Rock obstacle follows, and this aptly named obstacle is like the tip of the iceberg, revealing only a portion of the challenge that lies beneath. At the Playground, unleash your inner off-roader with dozens of rock garden obstacles and lines to explore. Then at the Graveyard, brace yourself for extreme angles and off-camber combinations in this aptly named section. Next, the MWD Rock Garden: navigate multiple lines through this technical rock garden. Table Top is a thrilling 32-degree incline with lockers and good tires recommended. Choose your descent on Pick Your Poison, a driver line with a 38.5-degree down angle or a passenger line offering a slightly less daunting 35 degrees. On Rock Garden, challenge yourself with a V-notch driver line and off-camber passenger side obstacles. The following obstacle, Rock House Garden, is a diverse section that offers a variety of challenges, perfect for a well-deserved break, driver switch, and spotting strategy discussions. Once you've conquered these obstacles, the fun doesn't stop! You have the chance to experience the entire trail again, tackling each challenge from the opposite direction. The question remains: How much time do you have?

Photos of Fargo Canyon

Fargo Canyon
Fargo Canyon
Fargo Canyon


This is rated a 6 overall, but here are some details: The wash runs the whole length, and with that, the obstacles can be as challenging as one is willing or their vehicle is capable. There are multiple lines for 90% of these obstacles. Therefore, this canyon can be a 4 or 9 if you want to push yourself--options!


This trail is located in the Colorado-Sonoran Desert in southern California near Palm Springs.

Technical Rating


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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Access the trail from the I-10 east side of the Coachella Valley nearest Indio. Take the Dillion Road exit and head north a couple of miles to Fargo Road.

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