Easy Way to Camp From Trona Road

Total Miles


1020.71 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail starts out easy for larger rigs to access dispersed camping areas. It should be very doable for trailers and Motorhomes. Be sure to stop at the last large open space on the NE side of the trail. The trail gets narrow and soft as it continues up the hill. Once on top of the hill, you will see many memorials and views of the entire valley. Well worth the trip to the top. There are also a few fenced-off mine shafts to be aware of as well. Rating a 2, but the top turns to 4. 2 bars of LTE service in the area. Be sure to watch for the Desert Tortious. It could be incredibly hot in the summer months.


2 until you get to camp, turns to a 4 at the end of the trail to et to the top of the hill.

Technical Rating