Cottonwood Canyon Road

Total Miles


864.04 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a moderate route for experienced off-road drivers, starting from Stovepipe Wells campground and ending with another foot-traffic-only trail, with 2800 feet continuous elevation from 33 feet under sea level. It takes 2 hours to get in and another 2 hours to get out. Multiple surfaces including dirt, deep sand, mud, and creeks. The trail can be narrower; mud, water, and obstacles can be more as the elevation increases, so make sure to bring a set of traction mats. You will need to cross creeks and overcome short steep grades many times once get into the valley. The trail can be blocked and flushed by the flood if there was raining several days before, so make sure to follow the sign set up by the park rangers if it says "Do not pass". The trail can be seasonally closed due to rain. It is a fun route with a lot of beautiful scenery as well, including a huge cave, creeks, and dead trees. Several camping areas with permit only. Park rangers may patrol the trail. At the start near the campground, 3G cell service, a gas station, restrooms, and stores are available.

Photos of Cottonwood Canyon Road

Cottonwood Canyon Road
Cottonwood Canyon Road
Cottonwood Canyon Road


Creeks and muds become more once you get into the valley, vehicles may slip, or sink in the deep mud. The trail can be cut off by creeks due to the rain. Make sure to bring any necessary tools. continuous elevation consumes more gas.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Daniel Wallace
Apr 28, 2024
Impassable Water Crossing

Access Description

The trail starts from a light airstrip with 300 feet near the Stovepipe Wells Campground.

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