Black Rock Canyon Trail

Total Miles


886.52 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Black Rock Canyon is a moderate trail that starts off on soft sand and quickly becomes a compact dirt trail with rocks. You are welcomed with gorgeous vistas of the red rock cliffs and even drive right beside volcanic rocks that you can explore. As you reach the middle of the trail, your view opens up to the canyon and valleys all over the park, making this place a beautiful location to explore. Make your way deeper into the trail, and you drive right beside sheer cliffs that look like something out of a movie. Although the majority of the trail is fairly easy, the end is where the real fun begins as you have to carefully climb the black rock hill and navigate your way through a very rocky section that will get anybody's blood pumping.


80% Of the trail consists of rocky dirt with a couple of tight shelf roads and hills to climb up and down. The last section of the trail is where the trail earns its 4-Rating as you have to climb up a steep rutted hill that has drop outs on both sides and right after that you will need to navigate through 2 very tight rock crawling sections.

Technical Rating