Bender Alley/Tinbenders

Total Miles


1060.97 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

When you turn right off Wrecking Ball, you will see the Plaque rock for Tinbender. There are optional lines, but in general, this trail is not as hard as Wrecking Ball. The view from the summit is great; however, that fun is not over! You have to go down a pretty loose steep grade to get down to Jack North. Once you hit Jack North, you can go left to the top and meet up with Jackhammer or pass Jackhammer to the Mailbox at the top of Sledgehammer. Your other option is to turn right and head down Jack North to the bottom of the canyon.


to get to this trail you will have done harder stuff however there are some great options here to keep you busy and tippy!

Technical Rating