3S151 Crowley Lake Trail

Total Miles


2250.2 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

A scenic trail that winds it way from the North of Crowley Lake down towards the South-East section of the lake. This trail has side spurs to approach and park on the beaches of Crowley Lake & Crowley Columns. The trail is very easy going with only a few notable sections in which tire placement & 4WD is possibly needed to make it through.


90% of the trail is easy dirt with 10% off the trail comprised of rutted hills to climb down or up depending on direction of travel. There is 1 particular hill that is steep and heavily rutted therefore 4wd and careful tire placement is very important

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the 395, head North on Benton Crossing Road. From there you will travel approximately 16 miles until you reach the trail head on the right