Shady Lake to Crooked Creek Falls

Total Miles


493.95 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This Route starts at Shady Lake Campground and goes past several dispersed campsites. It passes Bard Spring, Albert Pike, Little Missouri Falls and ends at Crooked Creek Falls. You can disperse camp at Crooked Creek Falls and a lot of areas along this route. Spring side camping at its best.


Pot holes, bigger rocks sticking up out of road, elevation changes and sharp turns. most places you can carefully pass by and some places is 1 track wide. Be aware of flash flooding locations.


Scenic 25-acre lake in remote mountain setting. The Civilian Conservation Corps developed the Shady Lake Recreation Area in 1937. The Shady Lake Trail traverses Saline Creek and passes the historic Shady Lake Dam. It continues along the eastern edge of the campground. The trail is ideal for day hiking. Mountain bikers may also use the trail.

Technical Rating